JUJU Coffee Society [Definition]

A people-first coffee company dedicated to making the coffee industry better from seed to sip. 

We’re a team of coffee connoisseurs. Our team of experts has been in the coffee business for more than a decade, pouring our heart and souls into one of the world’s most sought after commodities.

We learned how delicate coffee beans are, and how much time and care the over 25 million coffee farm workers worldwide put into their crop. After a while, we realized just how important people are to the process. We wanted to do more and put people at the heart of what we do. And we wanted our customers to feel connected to the people and places that make their favorite beverage possible. That’s why we started JUJU Coffee Society.

Helping the Farmers That Help Us

Before we started JUJU, we saw the poor conditions many of the farmers dedicated to growing coffee live in. From terrible wages to lack of resources, we realized that we could help these communities develop and grow by changing the way the coffee business works.

JUJU Coffee,
Drink and Make a Difference!



La Roya Recovery

Coffee farmers in Ixil lost up to 75% of their crop due to a fungus called la roya (coffee rust). We support a comprehensive program to combat la roya and replenish nutrients in the soil using sustainable, organic agricultural strategies and Effective Microorganisms.


In Ixil, only 11% of children complete primary school, 5% complete high school, and less than 1% earn a college degree. Our program increases access to education by providing scholarships and helping create a better learning environment within the community.

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