Less Corporate. More Social Responsibility.

Before we started JUJU, we learned that many farmers lived and worked in poor conditions. Facing everything from terrible wages to a lack of resources, we were moved by how dedicated these people were to their crop. We put our heads together and realized we could help these farmers — and their communities — to develop and grow by giving the same care and attention they give their coffee beans.

Why we care

People make this whole thing possible. That’s partially why we call it the JUJU Coffee Society. We are all connected.

We want every one of our customers to feel connected to the people and places that produce their favorite coffee blends. We want our farmers and their families to feel empowered, secure, and appreciated.

Demonstrating values

We partner with organizations who share our values and know what it means to produce coffee with a conscience to select and support projects for the social good. We invest in projects related to clean water to education and empowerment and everything in between to guarantee the lives of our farmers and the communities in which they live are made better. That’s why we choose to be a member of the Specialty Coffee Association, a non-profit, membership-based organization that represents thousands of coffee professionals, from producers to baristas, all over the world. With recognition from SCA based on our dedication to building a fair, sustainable, and nurturing coffee industry for all, you can be sure your purchase makes a difference.

JUJU Coffee,
Drink And Make A Difference!



La Roya Recovery

Coffee farmers in Ixil lost up to 75% of their crop due to a fungus called la roya (coffee rust). We support a comprehensive program to combat la roya and replenish nutrients in the soil using sustainable, organic agricultural strategies and Effective Microorganisms.


In Ixil, only 11% of children complete primary school, 5% complete high school, and less than 1% earn a college degree. Our program increases access to education by providing scholarships and helping create a better learning environment within the community.

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