General Questions

JUJU means good luck. We wanted to create that luck for the farmers and communities that rely on coffee production for their livelihood.

We source our coffee beans from dealers and farmers who meet our strict ethical and quality standards in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Kenya.

Our coffee beans travel from all over to exotic Saint Petersburg, FL, where they’re  roasted, packaged and shipped directly to you, wherever you may live!

For freshness of course! We want you to enjoy our products at their best, which means using them 7 to 8 days after opening.

Some of  our products are fair-trade, certified organic, or both and we are always aiming to add more to our selection. Products that meet these criteria include proof of certification right on the package.

Our farmers take their time in tending to their crop so we can get it to you faster than you can say “I’m under-caffeinated!” You’ll have your favorite blends 3-4 shipping days after placing a single order or on the date you specify in your subscription package.


The JUJU Coffee Circle is our commitment to a better coffee industry and a better world. Our charitable giving supports a transparent supply chain and ethical treatment of the farmers and suppliers who make it all possible.

We know people make our business possible. We want every one of our customers to feel connected to the farmers and places that produce their favorite coffee blends. And we want our farmers and their families to feel empowered, secure, and appreciated.

Our partner in philanthropy is The Coffee Trust, a Guatemala-based nonprofit that works to provide coffee farmers and their communities the resources they need to improve their businesses and lives through education, opportunity, and direct support.

Learn more about The Coffee Trust today! www.thecoffeetrust.org

We give back $1 for every 1 kilo\2.2 LB of coffee we sell. This means that the more kilos we sell, the more people we can help. Help us spread the word!

Return Policy

Given the perishable nature of our products, we can’t accept returns or offer refunds. However, we definitely want to make things right if you’re not satisfied with your order for whatever reason. Simply contact info@jujucoffeesociety.com within 14 days of purchase and we’ll be in touch with a replacement and samples of other JUJU Coffee Society products for you to try. All we need is your order number and why you’d like a replacement.

JUJU Coffee,
Drink And Make A Difference!



La Roya Recovery

Coffee farmers in Ixil lost up to 75% of their crop due to a fungus called la roya (coffee rust). We support a comprehensive program to combat la roya and replenish nutrients in the soil using sustainable, organic agricultural strategies and Effective Microorganisms.


In Ixil, only 11% of children complete primary school, 5% complete high school, and less than 1% earn a college degree. Our program increases access to education by providing scholarships and helping create a better learning environment within the community.

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